It’s time to start planning to join the conversation, September 14-16, on “Securing Our Democracy: The Work Ahead.” This is HSI’s fourth annual gathering and this year it will take the shape of a retreat with workshops and participatory presentations because we believe the times call for considerable reflection and considered action. Our theme comes from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, which calls on “we the people” to “secure the blessings of liberty....” We are taking that charge seriously and asking you come and deliberate with us the meaning of that phrase and how we each can respond.

The reflection and work of our time together will focus on understanding different beliefs, values, and experiences and gaining tools to bridge those differences, gaining perspective on some of the big political, economic, and social frameworks that are currently dominating the commons, and discerning where you need to put your time and treasure on behalf of the common good. We are sure that you will gain new insights, develop new skills, and find a community interested committed to supporting your work as a citizen activist enlivening and securing democratic values.

Even if you do not wish to present please come, you will make an important contribution to the interactive panels, dialogues, and planned activities. Perhaps you know of others who want to take new ideas and practices back to their community, come as a group and become part of our growing community of scholar/practitioners/activists committed to building a “humane and ecologically sustainable future.”

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Presentation Proposals will still be accepted up to August 1, 2018 on a case by case basis.

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