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Social Change: Analysis and Action

The HSI blog offers engaged citizens, advocates and activists, and engaged scholars committed to creating an equitable, humane, and ecologically sustainable future insights and tools to be more effective agents of social change. Your comments are highly valued as contributions to this conversation.

We need a break from trying to understand the news!

Dear friends of the Human Science Institute we have learned a lot about communicating with you through this ...
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A Framework for Understanding: How Do We Know What We Know? The Source of Difference

There are three concepts in the framework I have been using to pose questions about the events, policies, ...
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A Framework for Understanding: Critical Questions for Effective Action

The questions that I have been asking the last several weeks can be important tools when integrated into ...
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Use ‘think about the news’ questions to confront societal myths and political paradigms

The questions asked about the Mueller Report over the last seven weeks represent a framework to learn, analyze, ...
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Use ‘to think about the news’ questions in everyday political conversations

There are now multiple conversations at cross-purposes on the fall out from the Special Counsel’s report and it ...
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To think about the news (6): Ask, why use these words?

Stories come to us as a cascade of words. The words are, usually, intentionally selected to make the ...
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To think about the news (5): Ask, is it just a story?

It is time to ask, is it all just a story? Yes, but a story is never just ...
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To think about the news (4): Ask, who is trying to get my attention, and why?

I have described three strategies for listening, thinking, and responding to the news: asking if it is really ...
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To think about the news (3): Ask, who benefits, who doesn’t?

This is my third question about the unfolding Mueller report controversy. First I asked of the initial flurry ...
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To think about the news (2): Ask, what is the point of view?

Last week the focus of the news and political commentary was all about the submission of the Mueller ...
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March Madness: An “Experiential Commodity” with Money for the Men, Only Fame for the Women, and an Illusion for the Fans

It’s time for March Madness again, the scrambling tournament to determine the number one men and women’s National ...
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To think about the news first ask if it is news

At every turn we face a complicated world of different perspectives, whether in our everyday or virtual worlds, ...
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Human Science and Being an Intellectual

As human science’s project is to transform the world, so is it the task of persons who are ...
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What is Unique about Human Science?

 If you look at a testimony of love from 2,000 years ago it can still exactly speak to ...
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What is the Possible Breadth and Scope of Human Science?

Human Sciences are embodied with multiple features that distinguish its approach and body of work from the natural ...
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